Campus Recreation: Student Participant Code of Conduct

It is a priority that participation in intramural sports be first and foremost a fun experience! Campus Recreation attempts to ensure participation in our program is an integral part of the student experience at the University of Saskatchewan. Our request to you is to assist us in maintaining a safe, fun and enjoyable atmosphere for all involved in Campus Recreation programs. Principles Campus Recreation believes in: Having Fun! The fundamental purpose of Campus Recreation is to provide recreation programs and opportunities for students. Our priority in all of this is to have fun! FAIRPLAY – Commonsense, sportsmanship, respect for the game, respect for your fellow opponents and respect for the official are expected at all times. The stakes in a game are never so important that this basic respect can be cast aside. You can be competitive and play at a high level without sacrificing respect for the game, your opponent and the officials. Your opponent is not your enemy, just your competitor. Control – Close calls are made in competitive games. Fouls and penalties are inevitably committed. How you handle yourself and your team in reaction to a call is extremely important in determining the course of the game.

Students - Campus Recreation is a student program that is operated BY students FOR students. If you choose to display a lack of respect, it is being directed towards your fellow students. These students spend countless hours of their time to ensure that YOU as a student have access to recreational programs. Ask yourself if the manner in which we treat these people is in the spirit of recreation.

Think - The decisions you make in the spur of the moment do not JUST affect you. Your decision to continue with poor sportsmanship, verbally abusing staff or fellow opponents and displaying excessive aggression perhaps escalating to physical violence do not just affect you. In some cases – your actions have real world consequences. Serious cases will be brought forward to appropriate authorities and will be dealt with accordingly. Do not let temporary emotions override your good judgment.

Accountability - Excessive aggression, verbal abuse, poor sportsmanship and lack of respect for your fellow opponents, the program and the staff that ensure you can play goes against the very spirit of Campus Recreation and affects all participants. Remember - you play on a team and as such your team is also accountable for the team as a whole.

Campus Recreation, and ultimately the University of Saskatchewan, will address actions that violate these principles. Incidences of misconduct will first be directed to the Suspension & Appeals Committee (SAC). SAC consists of student representatives from selected colleges. The committee will be called upon to make decisions regarding suspension and appeals within Campus Recreation. SAC shall have the authority to impose penalties, which may include, but are not limited to the following:

a. Suspension of participant(s) from Campus Rec programs not associated with the incident.
b. A reduction or an increase to sentence based on appeal or additional information.
c. Referral of student to the University Senate and/or Law Enforcement Agencies.

If SAC believes they are unable to collectively make a ruling, they will refer the incident to University Senate, whereby the University of Saskatchewan committee on standards for student conduct in non-academic matters student discipline will deal with the issue. A range of possible sanctions may be imposed by a hearing board, from a letter of reprimand or request for apology, to suspension or expulsion.

For more information please refer to the Office of the University Secretary.

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