Defaults, Forfeits and Cancellations


A team is charged with a default when they have an unexplained absence from a scheduled game. Defaults are an act of poor sportsmanship and FAIRPLAY. In these cases, opposing teams are in attendance and ready to play as well as countless paid staff, officials, and on site supervisors. You should therefore make all attempts to keep your team in good standing and when you know in advance if you cannot play – please forfeit the game.

Defaults occur when:

  1. A team representative fails to attend the captain’s meeting.
  2. A team fails to appear at the playing area within ten (10) minutes of the scheduled start time, as indicated on the schedule.
  3. A team fails to field the correct number of players (including meeting all gender rules in CoRec sports) within ten (10) minutes of the scheduled start time, as indicated on the schedule.
  4. A team uses an ineligible player.
  5. A team fails to check-in the appropriate number of players on the score sheet. Remember it is your responsibility to check-in.
  6. A team exhibits flagrant misconduct or poor sportsmanship to a degree where the officials must declare the contest defaulted.

Teams that default a game:

  1. Receive a one-sided loss for the defaulted game (scores are reported heavily in favour of the opposing team) and game scores will count towards final league standings.
  2. Receive a FAIRPLAY score of ZERO (0).
  3. Gain one default towards their team.

Other notes on defaults:

  1. Teams will be deemed ineligible for playoffs if they default 2 games during the regular season.
  2. Defaulted games will NOT be rescheduled.
  3. Teams that default two or more games during the regular season may be removed from further league play and may not be permitted to play in subsequent years.


Forfeits are an explained abscence from a scheduled game. This is the preferred manner that Campus Recreation would like to deal with non-played games. If you are aware of a scheduled game that you cannot play submit a forfeit form as soon as possible.

  1. Teams are required to provide 2 business days notice in order to forfeit games when their team cannot be available to play at their scheduled time.
  2. Properly forfeited games do not result in a loss of your team or adversely affect the FAIRPLAY score.
  3. All reasonable efforts will be made to reschedule a forfeited game provided there is sufficient time and facility space available. 
  4. If a forfeit form is submitted less than 2 business days prior to your scheduled game your team may be charged with a default.
  5. Teams that demonstrate a trend of forfeiting a significant number of games may be removed from further league play and/or deemed ineligible for playoffs at the discretion of the league manager.

How to forfeit a game:

  1. Submit a properly completed online forfeit form 2 business days prior to your scheduled game.
  2. Forfeiting teams are NOT to contact the opposing team, Campus Recreation staff will do this.


For all outdoor intramurals, in the case of inclement weather, Campus Recreation will make the decision on whether games will be played on the day of by 12:00pm noon. An email will be sent out to all team captains and we will post on social media to inform all teams. Expect games to be played until you are notified otherwise.

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