It is a priority that participation in intramural sports be first and foremost a fun experience! It is the aim of this program to make all participants aware of the importance of sportsmanship and FAIRPLAY and to make intramural sports more enjoyable for all who participate.

  1. The FAIRPLAY program is an integral part of maintaining a safe, fun and enjoyable atmosphere for all involved in Campus Rec sports. The FAIRPLAY program rewards those teams that are considered to be the most sportsmanlike team in their particular sport. Furthermore, the program does not allow those teams with a record of poor sportsmanship to participate in league playoffs.
  2. After each game, captains will rank the FAIRPLAY of their opposing team on a scale of one (1) to five(5). The same will be done for both teams by the official(s). The ranking will be done throughout the season and will be tallied as a component of league standings.
  3. At the end of regular season play teams having an average FAIRPLAY ranking below 7.0 will not be eligible to participate in league playoffs regardless of their position in the standings.
  4. Teams that default games will not only receive a loss for the game but also receive a FAIRPLAY score of ZERO.
  5. League administrators may not utilize scores reported by opposing teams and officials that contradict each other. Further investigation may be needed in order to validate the FAIRPLAY scores for that game.If scores cannot be validated, they will not be recorded.


“5” Excellent Conduct
  • Shows respect and cooperation with officials and opponents
  • No major penalties
  • No major incidents 
  • Very few minor penalties
“4” Good Conduct
  • Accepts the referees decisions with little problems
  • Shows respect for opponents
  • Rare minor incidents that do not stop the progress of the game
“3” Fair Conduct
  • Disagrees and argues with several officials decisions but eventually accepts calls
  • Displays moderate amount of respect towards officials and opponents
  • Unnecessary continuous rough play
“2” Questionable Conduct
  • Continual questioning and arguing with officials
  • Use of abusive language
  • Little respect for opponents
  • Unacceptable amount of rough play
  • Minimal (1) major incidents
“1” Poor Conduct
  • Excessive verbal abuse of opponents or officials
  • Excessive rough play with intent to injure
  • Shows little respect for opponents level of play
  • Several major incidents

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