League Options

Whether you’re just showing up or showing off, there’s a spot for you in our leagues. All league winners receive a coveted Campus Rec prize as well as bragging rights on campus! 


Open leagues are designed to provide equal playing opportunities to all genders. These leagues are focused on getting students active and having fun. Open leagues have no gender-specific requirements so teams can be comprised of any combination students.


In CoRec leagues, a required number of positions on the court are reserved for players of the opposite gender at all times. Each sport’s requirements vary so ensure you check the rules prior to registration.  Skill level varies from beginner through advanced.


Women's leagues are comprised of only female players.


Men's leagues are comprised of only male players.

Intramural Levels

Recreational Leagues

Happy to be on the podium. Recreational leagues are perfect for teams and individuals whose primary goals are to have fun, make friends and enjoy a sport. It is meant for participants with newly acquired skills or no experience with the sport. 

Competitive Leagues

Go for the gold. Competitive leagues are designed for teams and individuals who value the competition. While there are no requirements to play in this league, players in these leagues are typically skilled and their primary goal is to win games. 

*Campus Recreation allows players to be on the roster for one competitive and one recreational team per sport. However, if game conflicts arise because players are on more than one roster schedules will not be altered.

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