• High Performance & Athletic Training

High Performance & Athletic Training

At HPC we are currently training a wide range of athletes competing from the grass roots level up to and including national caliber and high profile athletes such as Olympic Bronze medalist Kaylyn Kyle, World Super Bike Racer Brett McCormick,  Team Canada U22 Women’s hockey player Emily Clark, and current Ottawa Senator’s hockey player Eric Gryba. HPC’s training philosophy is to always maximize the athlete’s short term performance and goals, while optimizing their long term athletic development.

HPC is responsible for providing Strength and Conditioning for seven Huskie Athletics Teams, including Men’s and Women’s Soccer, Men’s and Women’s Hockey, Men’s and Women’s Volleyball and Women’s Basketball. Not only do we provide a sport specific program for each team, we also focus on creating a long term development plan focusing on in-season and off-season conditioning. HPC works closely with the coaches of each team to evaluate and assess incoming recruits and provide feedback as to their overall performance profile; which includes physical performance, attitude, work ethic, and leadership.

HPC was announced as the sole provider of Strength and Conditioning for the newly launched Whitecaps FC Saskatchewan Academy Centre. The academy is designed to link competitive players to staff, curriculum and standards of professional soccer.  HPC is responsible for providing structured training programs that compliment on-field practices, as well as facilitating and reporting physical assessments of elite Saskatchewan athletes to the Vancouver Whitecaps FC.  

HPC is partnered with the Huskie Hockey Program in the first season of the Huskie Prospect AAA   minor hockey program. HPC is responsible for providing 13 hockey teams, both males and females  ranging in age from initiation up to minor bantam, with an exposure to off-ice conditioning.

HPC’s affiliation with the Sport Medicine and Science Council of Saskatchewan, as well as the FIT Centre's Gym Fit Partnership, allows athletes an opportunity to train and test at the College of Kinesiology.  Currently we are working with athletes from Sask Basketball, Sask Fastball, Sask Volleyball Association,  Sask Soccer, Sask Hockey Association, as well as Team Canada working towards provincial, national, and international competition.  


If you are interested in competing at the next level, please contact Jason Weber at (306)966-1006 or email jason.weber@usask.ca.


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