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"It’s been an overwhelmingly positive experience training with Stephanie through the HPC — she’s a highly skilled and knowledgeable trainer who walks the talk and has superb interpersonal skills as well. I am stronger than ever thanks to my regular training sessions, and I’m no longer intimidated by a weight room." - Lisa, currently training with Stephanie Fusnik

"I discovered HPC a year ago. Since then my training hours with my personal trainer Jennifer have been among the highlights of the week." - Julita, currently training with Jennifer Jochim

"I had pains in my knees for the last 7 years - since starting to train with Stephanie I haven't had any knee problems. She alters exercises to minimize strain on my knees. Each workout is different, making going to the gym an enjoyable experience. Steph is also one of the nicest people you will ever meet. My family and friends have noticed a positive difference in my health and personality." - Mattea, currently training with Stephanie Fusnik

"My 13 year old son and I have been attending personal training sessions at HPC since September 2014. It has been a great opportunity to get in better shape, gain knowlegde, and make sure my son learns the proper techniques of performing a wide variety of exercises. Our trainer Jon always makes the workouts interesting and keeps us motivated even when we aren't feeling up for it! The facility is excellent for the exercises we do and it is ideal for us as we do not feel self concious about our abilities in this setting. I'm sure we wouldn't have stuck with it had we been at a big gym with many more individuals around. Thank you HPC!" - Ken H. currently training with Jon Harding

"I started working with Jennifer Jochim in July of 2014. Recently retired, I decided to pursue one item on my "To Do List" once retired. That is, of course, to take better care of my health. At first it was very hard, as I was not accoustomed to sweating, lifting weights, and pushing my body. Over time it became much better and I attribute to the trainer I have - Jennifer. Jennifer is motivational, knowledgeable and personable. These are all attributes that keep me engaged and committed to my own goal. For these things I thank Jennifer and HPC for having such a great opportunity for people like me to pursue a healthy lifestyle." - Rita Jo currently training with Jennifer Jochim

“HPC has become an important part to my development. The training program is intense and covers all aspects of conditioning. I have learned the importance of training the body to work together. It’s a good feeling going into training camp ready to perform and that’s what HPC has given me.” - Colby Armstrong – Vaxjo HC (Swedish Elite)

 "HPC has taken my training to a higher level. I have never felt as powerful or strong. I highly recommend HPC training for anyone interested in maximizing their overall athletic ability." - Brenden Morrow – St. Louis Blues


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