POPAT / PARE - Training & Testing


HPC is the official testing facility for applicants to the Saskatoon Police Service.


HPC offers testing opportunities for the RCMP, Saskatoon Health Region and SERM.

POPAT/PARE Testing Information 

Steps to registeriing for a POPAT/PARE testing date:

1) Select upcoming test date you would like to register for *Please note: you will need confirmation of registration from Jason Weber prior to attending the test date.

2) Contact jason.weber@usask.ca requesting upcoming testing dates and full course set-ups.

3) Once you receive confirmation of registration, on the day of your test:

Please contact jason.weber@usask.ca if you have any questions or concerns.

POPAT/PARE Training Program

So you want to be a police officer? You have applied, been accepted and now all you have to do is run the P.O.P.A.T test. The test is designed to simulate a chase, a fight and a carry to safety. You must complete the test in less than 4 minutes and 45 seconds. If not properly prepared the POPAT can be an extremely demanding test of strength, stamina and will. At HPC we train the body to accommodate the huge demands placed on it during this test. During training we break the course down bit by bit and work at each fundamental movement that is essential to producing, not just a good time, but a great time. 4:45 min is the minimum time allowance for a successful completion of the POPAT – Don’t be the minimum, because until you do it, you haven't done it!

Program Includes:

Cost: $210 (GST included) and includes HPC training T-Shirt

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1) Do I need to have my application submitted to SPS and RCMP prior to registering for this training course?

No. Anyone can sign up and participate in this course regardless if you have applied to SPS and RCMP.

2) Are the training dates ongoing? What if I have to miss a few weeks?

Each course runs for 2 months, with a total of 16 classes. There are multiple courses run throughout the year, many of which run back-to-back. You are eligible to sign up anytime, and rates can be prorated.

3) What if I am not available for the training dates and times the course is running?

Other options are available such as working with a personal trainer who will work with your schedule.

4) I don't know what to expect and am nervous. Can I purchase a few training sessions prior to the POPAT training course?

Classes are designed to accomodate all fitness levels, but if you require additional training please fill out a form online to purchase personal training sessions.


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