B.O.A.T (Boat Operator Accredited Training) Course

What is B.O.A.T.?

Canada Coast Guard states that, “In time all operators of power driven craft based for recreational purposes will be required to have an operators card.” The course has been developed because of the drowning prevention mandate and the safety focus in the Canada Coast Guard.

Proof of operator competency is the Pleasure Craft Operator (PCO) card or proof of having successfully completed an accredited boating safety course prior to April 1,1999. Like a driver’s license, the Pleasure Craft Operator card must carried on board the boat. 

The PCO card is obtained by passing a written test administered by an accredited boater safety course provider.

The Lifesaving Society’s Boat Operator Accredited Training (B.O.A.T.) program is an accredited boater safety course. Pleasure Craft Operator certification cards are issued to those who pass the required examination.

The University of Saskatchewan Aquatics program offers 3 different B.O.A.T. options:

  1. Main: Complete B.O.A.T. course (approximately 8 hours) and then write exam. For people with no boating background.
  2. Mini: Use self-study guide and then write exam (approximately 4 hours). 
  3. Exam Challenge: For people with a boating background. Write exam (approximately 1 hour). For people very comfortable with boating regulations and guidelines as defined by Transport Canada. A mark of 75% is required to pass. 

For more information visit the Coast Guard Web Site at: http://www.ccg-gcc.gc.ca

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