Water Safety Instructor (WSI)

The Water Safety Instructor Course prepares candidates to instruct the Red Cross Swim programs. Candidates focus on strategies to introduce and develop swimming and water safety skills in the Red Cross Swim Preschool, Kids and Adult & Teen programs. Focus is on how to effectively teach and evaluate the performance criteria of all programs. Emphasis will also be on stroke development, drills and corrective strategies. Must be 15 years old and have completed the Swim Kids Level 10. Manual Included.

The WSI course is set up in a series of modules.  These include the following:

Upon Registration:

Module 1 - Online workbook - approximately 20-30 hours

Completed prior to the arrival at Session "A"

SESSION "A" includes

Module 2 - Teaching Component

Module 3 - Stroke and Skills evaluation - Must be Swim Kids Level 10 equivalent

SESSION "B"includes

Session "A" must be successfully completed prior to Session "B"

Module 4 - Pool

Module 5 - Classroom

Recertification Requirement: Every 2 years (from the end date of the course)

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