Red Cross Swim Preschool

This program offers children ages 4 months to 5 years both parented and unparented swimming instruction. This eight-level program allows swimmers to enter various levels based on age and ability. Children enjoy the animal themes and mascots that have been added to enhance learning and fun. Starfish, Duck and Sea Turtle focus on water orientation and safety for parents and their children. Progression is based on participation and age. Sea Otter to Whale build swimming skills and age specific water safety; children progress independently to the next level only once all items have been successfully completed.

For detailed class content, please view the Red Cross Swim Preschool Guide

Tot Docks

Tot Docks are used in children’s beginner classes, up to Level 3, so that water depth is appropriate for children’s height. These docks can be placed against the edge of the pool, but at times are also placed away from the pool’s edge so that participants can swim from the dock to the pool edge

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