Classical Ballet

Ages 6 and up. Child must be 6 years old by December 31 of the current registration year.

The University School of Dance follows the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus as training for ballet. Ballet technique is the root of all performance oriented dance forms and helps develop poise, flexibility, strength, and proper alignment as well as precision, agility, and fluidity in movement. Students who include ballet as part of their dance training, will experience it’s technical benefits in their other dance classes and should advance in level and skill more rapidly than those who do not include ballet. It is recommended that those dancer’s involved in competitions and in the advanced levels of jazz and tap take at least one ballet class to strengthen their technique.

Dress Requirements:

• Pre-Primary and Primary: Leotard Mondor style # 1645 (pink tank style), ballet pink tights, ballet slippers with elastics (no split sole shoes or ribbons)

• Grade 1 & 2: Leotard Mondor style # 1645 (light blue tank style), ballet pink tights, ballet slippers with elastics (no split sole shoes or ribbons) and character shoes with pink elastic and the lower heel. 

• Grades 3: Leotard Mondor style # 1645 (navy blue tank style), ballet pink tights, ballet slippers with elastics (no split sole shoes or ribbons) and character shoes with pink elastic and cuban heel.

• Grade 4 and up: Black tank classic style leotard, ballet pink tights, ballet slippers with elastics (no soft pointe shoes), and character shoes with pink elastic and cuban heel.

•Boys Uniform: White short-sleeve leotard or tight t-shirt, black leggings, white socks, and black ballet slippers with elastics.

Open Ballet Class: Designed for the dancer who has worked at the equivalent of the RAD Grade 5 or higher. These classes are non-syllabus classes.

Pointe Classes: Must be taking at least two ballet classes per week. Permission required from coordinator and instructors. ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY.

Beginner Ballet: Ages 9-12 years and Teen Ballet: Ages 13 and up. No previous dance experience is necessary. For those students just beginning or wish to improve their technique in another discipline.

**For all ballet classes, hair must be pulled up in a bun and off of the neck so that the instructor has a clear view of the body.

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