Membership Conditions and Policies

All fitness facilities have “conditions” for membership. By becoming a user of the Fit Centre, you are agreeing to the conditions and policies of membership. The following policies apply to all Fit Centre members. Persistent, non-compliance of any policy may result in revoked membership privileges.

Appropriate Apparel:

Inappropriate Apparel:

*The Fit Centre staff reserve final judgment on clothing and will handle inappropriate attire on a case-to-case basis. 

Supervisors on duty will monitor overcrowding, unacceptable behavior, and dangerous practices. Likewise they ensure flow on machines based on sign up.

Physical activity has inherent risks. For health and safety, all members will be asked to complete a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q), on a yearly basis.

Fit Centre staff are not responsible if you have not read and/or do not understand any of the above conditions. Further to these conditions and policies, PAC members are also required to abide by a number of rights and responsibilities

Membership Details

Membership to the Physical Activity Complex (PAC) is open to University of Saskatchewan students, faculty, staff, alumni and the general public. Full-time and part-time students pay for the use of the facility through their annual student fees. Senior Administrators, ASPA members, and Exempt Staff receive membership through their benefits package as a taxable benefit. The U of S Community which includes Faculty Association members, Staff (CUPE 1975, CUPE 3287), Alumni, and On Campus Non University (NRC, Ag Canada, RUH, Innovation Place) are all eligible to purchase a membership. Members of the general public may also purchase a membership. 

All potential members who are faculty/staff, or alumni must present their U of S Id and/or alumni card when purchasing a membership or when utilizing the facility. Membership cards shall be left with the Customer Service Desk for the duration of your workout.

All members have the option to rent lockers on a yearly basis or day use and coin-operated options are available at both the PAC and Education Building.

Membership Includes:

Weight Room Etiquette


Thank you for following the etiquette set by the gym. By following these basic guidelines, your experience in the weight room will be better enjoyed by you and are other members. 

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